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Anthony Mundine vs Jeff Horn: Ultimate guide for the big fight

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Jeff Horn’s night at Suncorp Stadium got off to a less than ideal start when his younger brother made his professional debut on the undercard.

Mundine v Horn: Tempers flare before big fight

Anthony Mundine vs Jeff Horn Live

It’s no McGregor vs Mayweather but it’s still the biggest boxing match in Australia this year.

Even if you’re not an avid fight fan there are plenty of reasons to tune in as Jeff Horn squares off with Anthony Mundine. Here’s everything you need to know about the River City Rumble.


The fight is at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium on Friday night. The undercard kicked off at approximately 7.30pm local time and Mundine and Horn won’t touch gloves before 10pm (that’s 11pm AEDT). There’s a chance they won’t enter the ring until later, though, so have a pot of coffee on standby in case of any delays.


You can purchase the pay-per-view on Foxtel’s Main Event channel for $59.95, while will be running a live blog of the fight and carrying all the best analysis and reaction. If your TV and laptop no longer work because your housemates spilled beer all over them last weekend, plenty of pubs and clubs around the country will be broadcasting the bout.

In fact you’ll be able to catch the fight in the vast majority of pubs across the land after it became the third biggest fight on Main Event pre-sale. Behind only Mayweather vs McGregor and Green vs Mundine.


The fights are underway at Suncorp Stadium with some big names stepping into the ring before the main event hits.

Jeff Horn’s younger brother Ben made his professional debut in the opening fight to be televised across the land.

But it certainly wasn’t a first-up effort that suggests he’s any chance of having a similar career to his world-beating sibling as he was defeated via TKO (referee stoppage) in the fourth round against fellow debutant Lachlan O’Shea.

Both fighters were extremely green but swung wildly and paid little attention to defence. Horn landed some nice shots in the first two rounds but began to tire in the third and was caught with a shot that knocked out his mouthguard in the fourth.


Because if you don’t, who will? One of the main reasons Mundine attracts so many eyeballs is because people will tune in to watch him get knocked out. But whatever you think of the sometimes offensive sentences that come out of his mouth, The Man is seriously talented. To be able to step in the ring at 43 — and stand a legitimate chance at causing an upset — is damn impressive. Mundine is a genuine sporting superstar and one of the most athletically gifted sportsmen Australia has produced — if for nothing else, he at least deserves respect for that. He’s also a passionate advocate for indigenous Australians and to finish his career on a high would be a fitting end for a person who’s been involved in professional sport — across rugby league and boxing — for 25 years.


For one, he’s everything a boxer isn’t supposed to be — polite, humble and respectful. What you see with Horn is what you get, and what you get is a down to earth, genuine, likeable Australian. The Queenslander also has a heartwarming backstory that brings casual observers along for the ride. Taking up boxing because he was bullied as a kid before becoming a school teacher, Horn has repeatedly punched his way past more fancied opponents. Like the Little Engine That Could, he’s got where he is today through sheer will power and dedication as much as skill. A win against Mundine would kickstart another pursuit of the welterweight strap he took off Manny Pacquiao last year. We all remember how fun that was, so why not barrack for another tilt at the title so we can all ride his wave? Also, unlike Mundine, Horn has never made controversial comments about Americans bringing September 11 upon themselves and he’s yet to criticise Olympic legend Cathy Freeman for being a corporate sellout.

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